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Advertise for free your medical events

Advertise / Optimize / Manage your events.
Congresses, conferences, seminars, conventions, training sessions, symposiums, exhibitions, online conference, medical events, ...

  • The publication is immediate
  • Managing different events
  • Insert your program, registration form and online registration
  • Insert the visual / poster of your event
  • Insert the website
  • Geo-Tagging
  • Referencing your event in search engines
  • Referencing your event in social networks
  • ...
Presentation Workspace & description of your event.
Poster/Image: Insert your Visual / Poster.
Documents: Insert your PDF program
Documents: Insert your PDF registration form
Documents: Link to your registration form online
Documents: Automatic display in your ad, thumbnails of your PDF documents (Program & Registration).
Contact: Emailing contact form
Contact: Private Messaging.
Location: Event Address GeoTagging + Directions
Recommend: Recommendation module of your event to a friend (e) colleague
Printing: Print version of your ad
Sharing: Adding / Sharing your event on Google Calendar.
Sharing: Storage of your event for members.
Sharing: Adding or sharing of your event, on the 30 social networks:

Facebook   Google Bookmarks   Live Bookmarks
Rating: Module to vote for your event & your poster.
Website: Access to your website.
Directory Guide: Your event is listed in the venues page. Example Venue Page >
GeoGuide: Your event is listed in the GeoGuide.
Management platform different events: ADDNext©Event by
Referencing: Add keywords to increase your visibility.
Referencing: Positioning your event on the first pages of search engines.
Highlights: Access to an "Immediate" Highlight module for your event on the Home page,
or in the Events section..
Newsletter: Published in the weekly Newsletter ~ 30 days before the start date of your event.
Guide Directory of the event providers: Referencing for free your Activities/Services
(Automatic display of all medical events past and future , filed by the members of your society.)
Social networks: Insert the social networks and communication websites
of your events:
      Example >
Publication / Broadcast: Publication / Broadcast your events on all our networks, RSS FEED and partners websites.
(UPDATE 2012/04/02)


Add an event

Management workspace ADDNext©Event V 4.4

Social networks and communication websites
A new SOCIAL NETWORKS module is accessible for your Events in your management workspace.

This module shows on your event page the last articles from your social pages: facebook & twitter, and a block containing the direct links (facebook, twitter, google+, youtube, dailymotion, flickr) .
It allows joining to your networks and promoting them.
- More visibility
- Always up-to-date content !


> World Water Day 2012

> World Health Day 2012


> The Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island

Online Registration
If you have an online registration form on your site, a field is available in the tab "My Documents" on your management workspace.
Enter the direct URL of the entry form in this field, to enable such access to your ad.

Immediate Highlights
Establishment of a module in your management workspace, allowing you the making of an immediate or scheduled Highlight of your event on the home page of the website or in the section Events / Congress.
Number of Highlighted events
"are Limited! !

Upcoming events in pictures ...
Display your event on the Home page of the site, a few days before your event, whether a poster is present.

PDF Thumbnail
Automatic display of thumbnails of your PDF documents in your event details

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