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The best solution to optimize the communication of your medical events.
An excellent referencing on Google and other search engines.
A qualified audience !
The ideal vehicle for your communication.

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Advertise for free your medical events

Advertise / Optimize / Manage your events.
Congresses, conferences, seminars, conventions, training sessions, symposiums, exhibitions, online conference, medical events, ...

  • The publication is immediate
  • Managing different events
  • Insert your program, registration form and online registration
  • Insert the visual / poster of your event
  • Insert the website
  • Referencing your event in search engines
  • Publication / Broadcast your events on all our networks,
    RSS FEED and partners websites
  • ...
Guide / Directory
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Advertise for free your activities / services

Advertise / Optimize / Manage your activities/services promotion in the Reference Guide.
Congress exhibition venues, event providers, medical providers, ...

  • Free access to your ad from the Guide / Directory
  • Request informations via the contact form
  • Direct contact to your private messaging
  • Automatic geo-tagging of your Address
  • Referencing and positioning your activities / services in search engines
  • ....
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