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Congress Acupuncture : Séminaire annuel de l’A.F.S.F.A
Le congrés annuel des Sages Femmes acupuncteurs...
Concerned sectors: Acupuncture -
Congress Ophthalmology : Ophthalmic Imaging: from Theory to Current Practice / Imagerie en Ophtalmologie : de la Théorie à la Pratique
Fibers and Optic Nerve’s OCT Macular OCT OCT Angiography Intra Vitreal Injection Lasers Radiology Corneal Topography Biometry Visual Fields Anterior Segment and Corneal Imaging Ultraso...
Concerned sectors: Ophthalmology -
Conference / Seminar Veterinary : Abdominal, Thoracic & Soft Tissue Ultrasound – A 1-Day Practical Course
This 1-day practical course is suitable for veterinarians from mixed and equine practice who are keen to develop and update their knowledge and especially their practical skills on medical ultrasound ...
Concerned sectors: Veterinary -
Conference / Seminar Cardiology : INOVA 2017
Expert faculty will provide attendees with a comprehensive review of best practices in advanced heart failure that will ultimately translate into impact on patient care. This symposium is designated f...
Concerned sectors: Cardiology -
Conference / Seminar Veterinary : Advanced Equine Lameness Diagnostics (incl. Objective Gait Analysis)
Developed for practitioners with a working knowledge in the field of lameness investigations, the speakers will share tips, tricks and insights on the following topics:  Subjective & Objectiv...
Concerned sectors: Veterinary -
Congress Acupuncture : Nouvelle loi sur la fin de vie, nouveaux droits : de la théorie à la pratique
Ces dernières années en France et en Europe la fin de vie a fait l’objet de profonds débats. Plusieurs textes majeurs ont émergé de cette réflexion, n...
Congress Biology : Premières Journées Nationales SFBC - Approches innovantes en biologie des cancers
1ers Journée nationales de la Société Française de Biologie Clinique Approche innovante en biologie des cancers 16 et 17 Octobre 2017 Cité Internationale Univ...
Concerned sectors: Biology -
Congress Immunology : X International Exhibition LABComplEX. Analytics. Laboratory. Biotechnologies. HI-TECH
From 17 to 19 October 2017 in the EC “KyivExpoPlaza” will be held X International Exhibition LABComplEX – the main event of laboratory industry in Ukraine within which is presented w...
Congress General Medicine : 6èmes Journées Plaies et Cicatrisation de l'Ouest - PCO
Formations pratiques médicales et paramédicales, Traitements, Prévention des plaies et cicatrisation....
Congress General Medicine : 1ère Journée des EPHAD de Normandie - JEN
Concerned sectors: General Medicine -Nursing -_Other -
Congress Otorhinolaryngology : 4th Dissection Course in ENT Endoscopic Technique
Cours de Dissection ENDOSCOPIQUE en Laboratoire d'Anatomie Cours mené en langue française & anglaise Conférences & Dissections Anatomiques guidées pas &ag...
Concerned sectors: Otorhinolaryngology -
Congress Sexology : 4es Journées AIUS SEXOGYN 20 & 21 octobre 2017 - Maux de femmes d'ici et d'ailleurs
L’AIUS s’associe pour la quatrième année consécutive à SEXOGYN, dont les journées avaient un succès gran- dissant, pour organiser les Quatrièmes J...
Concerned sectors: Gynecology - Obstetrics -Sexology -
Tags: Aius Sexogyn
Congress Pediatrics : 3èmes Journées de pédiatrie pratique de Sfax
MOT des Présidents :  Déjà, sept ans sont passés depuis la création de l’amicale des pédiatres de libre pratique de Sfax . Nos objectifs initia...
Congress Pharmacology : 8ème Congrès la Faculté de Pharmacie de Monastir
Nous avons le plaisir et l'honneur de vous annoncer que la Faculté de Pharmacie de Monastir organise le 8ème congrès la Faculté de Pharmacie de Monastir les 26, 27 et 2...
Located within the compounds of Strasbourg’s University Hospital, the IRCAD minimally invasive surgery training center has acquired an international reputation over the past 20 years. Each year,...
Concerned sectors: Surgery -Coelioscopy -Laparosopy -
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Conference / Seminar Biomedical : Environmental Monitoring Program at FDA Regulations - 2017
Overview:  Upon completion of this training, you will be able to Describe how Clean room Environmental Monitoring Program fits into the Regulations. Explain the basis of the Four (4) Phases of C...
Conference / Seminar Biomedical : Laboratory-Developed Tests - Medical devices 2017
Overview: This presentation will review the legal definition of medical device, and how it is applied by FDA to in vitro diagnostic tests. It will review the history of FDA interest in LDTs, and will...
Conference / Seminar Biomedical : CAPA within a Device Quality System - 2017
Overview: You’ll learn how to streamline and monitor your process to ensure compliance and improved performance. If your CAPA process needs a CAPA this webinar is for you. Why should you Att...
Congress Ophthalmology : 10thInternational Conference on Clinical and Surgical Ophthalmology
Conference Series LLC cordially invites you to participate at the 10th International Conference on Clinical and Surgical Ophthalmology to be held during August 07-09, 2017 at Beijing, China. The theme...
Congress Biomedical : FDA Inspection and Respond to 483 & How to Prepare them - 2017
Overview: In this webinar you will learn about the types of FDA inspections, preparations such as assigning dedicated personnel to specific tasks for the inspection, facility requirements to support ...
Online Conference Biomedical : Achieving Compliance Excellence - 2017
Overview: We will discuss each of those keys in detail to enhance understanding and to provide the needed information to replicate the approach in your organization. Why should you Attend: Becaus...
Online Conference Biomedical : Validation Program to a Building from Top to Bottom - 2017
Overview: Many more typical questions are now available in this simple to understand, yet detailed training session designed to help manufacturers of FDA regulated products build a sustainable valida...
Online Conference Biomedical : Effective Supplier Qualification Program - 2017
Overview: FDA considers the supplier as an extension of your operation. You are liable for supplier’s conduct. FDA will deal with your company in case of product failure, especially as relate...
Online Conference Biotechnology : Cyber Attacks, Beyond Disaster Recovery - 2017
Overview: Cyber-attacks and breaches dominate the media and are a significant focus of the government. Businesses and financial institutions are faced with the grim reality that a cyber-attack is i...
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